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Yes, you’ve found us and here is where you will find the best products and fresh trends from beauty to fitness to fashion to home to travel to business in a lively, inspiring, easy-to-navigate website. 

  • You’re a woman entrepreneur.
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Who are we?

Two badass women entrepreneurs. Like you, we’re jamming 24/7. We wear many hats, handling family, business, travel, schedules and our wellness. Meeting all these demands with passion and a positive attitude.

We love to score amazing and unique products, but who has time to browse hundreds of sites? We don’t, and we know your time is valuable too.

This is why we created Brilliance N Beauty; where checkout is simple, and shopping is fun again! We’ve hand curated all our favorite lifestyle, and fashion finds from around the world, so you can watch, laugh, click, scroll, ooh and ahh and shop in a video interactive friendly place.

Our products, like each of you, have a story to share. Coming very soon...creature comforts to make business travel and packing a cinch; home goods for easy, tasteful decorating and entertaining; fashions that feel and look fabulous and fitness products maximizing your well-being and self-care...all in one place.

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